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I'll be the butter to your Faberry roll.


My name is Liz and I ship Faberry. They are my OTP. I reblog mostly Glee and Faberry stuff with some Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Xena, and random shit thrown into the mix.

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Also, if you're a Finchel fan or Finn stan *do those even exist?* this is not the place for you.

Happy shipping!

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"I gave my three year old daughter some worthless coins, and jokingly told her that she was rich. She went and hid the coins away, and I forgot all about them. Around the same time, my oldest daughter got a bunch of money from her aunts and uncles for her birthday. A few months later, we needed money for food, and I asked my oldest daughter if we could use some of her birthday money. She refused. I almost started crying, because I thought then that I had completely failed as a parent. But suddenly, my youngest daughter appeared, and gave me back the handful of coins that I had given her."

(Mexico City, Mexico)

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Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago

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Dale a Internet una Imagen

y ellos harán lo peor….

Veo y subo a

tengo una mente muy enferma 

Hahahah wtf

yooooo spanish tumblr turns the fuck UP

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Police pick people out of the crowd, then rush forward. Frightening. 

September 28th

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#everyone’s childhood in one post

if you don’t recognize anyone in this set its probably past your bed time because you’re obviously like five

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Minaj’s perspective has always been multi-dimensional; she comes forward as an immigrant, as a black women, as a female rapper, as a sexual being, as an artist, as a storyteller, as a survivor, as a bad bitch. She comes forward in order to tell her own story, be it one of domination or declaration. Minaj has even come forward as a feminist. She’s actually done it over and over again. And yet, instead of simply embracing her own discourse on the topic, feminists often can’t wrap their heads around it.


lay us down, we’re in love. a wedding mix.

i. northern downpour//panic! at the disco | ii. rainbow connection//weezer ft. hayley williams | iii. if i tremble//front porch step | iv. video games/come as you are//lights ft. beau boken | v. flaws//bastille | vi. when i’m 64//the beatles | vii. fallingforyou//the 1975 | viii. my heart//paramore | ix. the gambler//fun. | x. screen//twenty one pilots | xi. if i’m james dean, you’re audrey hepburn (acoustic)//sleeping with sirens | xii. love your friends, die laughing//man overboard | xiii. young and beautiful//lana del rey | xiv. it’s not a side effect of the cocaine, i’m thinking it must be love//fall out boy | xv. can’t help falling in love//ingrid michaelson | xvi. wake me up//ed sheeran | xvii. toes (acoustic)//lights | xviii. the only hope for me is you//my chemical romance | xix. stay//thirty seconds to mars | xx. the poison//the all american rejects | xxi. lovely//twenty one pilots | xxii. angels and demons//front porch step | xxiii. wake me//bleachers | xxiv. bel air//lana del rey | xxv. the end of all things//panic! at the disco

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i hope u find someone that mindlessly plays with your hands and lightly strokes your legs and massages your back and plays with your hair and i hope that u feel like you’re home when u look at them

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I’m so afraid of losing something I love that I refuse to love anything.